Your Emotions Can Liberate You

Your Emotions Can Liberate You

Written by:

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi

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Emotions are real but our stories that we have about them may not be true. I notice that our minds have so many ideas about what we are feeling and we value those ideas far more than communicating with our actual emotions, something I teach my clients how to do. This is key to metabolizing our emotional experience, to emotional power.

Emotions are energy, life force energy, manifesting in the language of feeling through your body in response to your thoughts and to your experience of life. Your body also stores everything that it has ever experienced in its cells and this system has an innate intelligence submerged in subconscious context that moves you through the world. Subconscious is not bad. It isn’t something that is to be fixed or feared. Isn’t it funny how fear is afraid of itself? Fear prevents understanding. When we try to get rid of fear, anger, shame or grief without understanding them as guests visiting for tea in the chambers of the emotional body, we deny a large aspect of our emotional power and divine strength as human beings.

We are afraid of pain. Afraid of anger. Afraid of fear. Afraid of grief. This, to me, translates so deeply into a fear of life. It’s worshipping being the walking dead,  devoted to a myriad of ways we can anesthetize ourselves to not feel the truth of our hearts. We fear truth because we are afraid of feeling and afraid of change.

Our society is constructed around maintaining this because when you stay close to your pain, do not understand your shame and don’t have the tools to work with the roots of fear and anger, you seek outside of ourself and consume, scroll, swipe and do whatever you can to feel better. Our culture supports addiction and values death more than life…we are numbed to violence and think that living in pain is normal.

Patriarchy values the mind and the rational approach to things, hence affirmations and telling us that our fear isn’t real, our experiences are stories and that if pain or unfortunate things happen to us, it must be due to our failing.

This is truly oppressive and pushes down everything that is the fuel to give you the power to rise fully in yourself.

Why are we so afraid to fully inhabit our life force energy? We have ideas about what this is but its another thing to live in it. I’ve been told for so long that I’m so sensitive and emotional, but over the years I have learned that is exactly this, my emotional power and my sensitivity, that gives me the gifts and the ability to show up and care for myself and offer this deep, deep emotional love to those in my life and in my service to the world.

Fear is rooted in old pain that was very, very real. Anger is a signal that boundaries are violated or something is out of alignment. Sadness is a sign that there is grief. And, where there is grief, there is love. Every emotion is deeply, deeply embedded in love offering up to you a communication of where you can journey in your own consciousness to become more whole. Emotions are a pathway to cultivating a radically conscious and empowered relationship with yourself.  Emotional power is harnessing the love and wisdom by learning how to communicate with your deeper self. It is in fact disempowering to deny yourself the part of you that is at the core who you are. That makes you susceptible to all the fear marketing and shame tactics of this society we are trying to change. Part of healing the masculine and honoring the feminine is healing our relationship with our emotional life and learning how to listen to our hearts.

Building a conscious relationship with yourself is a huge part of soul recovery. Please contact me if this resonates and you’d like to know more.

~ By Dr. Nandi Hetenyi  ~  Sacred Alchemy Healing


I envision a world where we feel comfortable in our own skins and are happy about being human.
A world where everyone loves and values themselves as a part of the whole,
where self-loathing is an oddity rather than the usual,
and the soul’s truth is valued as a gift from the divine in service of our highest good. 
Please contact me if this resonates and you’d like to know more. 
~ By Dr. Nandi Hetenyi