Simple Affirmations

Use, repeat, meditate upon any one of these or all of them. Make up your own, that apply specifically to you. Then write and rewrite them. Have fun.



I know God.

I know all.

I know I AM.

I know love.

I know truth.

I know life.

I know pace.

I know nirvana.

I know transformation.

I know patience.

I know compassion.

I know humility.

I know empathy.

I know tenderness.

I know wisdom.



I love wisdom.

I love knowing wisdom.

I love knowing how.

I know knowing why.

I love understanding how.

I love understanding why.

I love power that supports all.

I love using power to empower others.

I love experiencing success.

I love experiencing optimal health and wellbeing.



I love experiencing love.

I love recycling love.

I love reciprocal love.

I love expressing love.

I love receiving love.

I love accepting love.

I love giving love.

I love observing love.

I love witnessing love.

I love loving ALL.

I love ALL.

I love me.


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