Apitherapy – Bee Sting Treatments

Treatment 1 – Early November

My left wrist and thumb were aching (carpal tunnel). This was my first time so John tested a little sting on my belly and thought it looked good. He proceeded to treat my wrist and hand only. I did not get a full body treatment which is normal.

The next 3 days my hand was very swollen and itchy. The swelling started to go down on the 3rd day. It was so uncomfortable that I wasn’t sure I would want to do it again.  It took some more days, and my wrist hurt less.


Treatment 2 – Monday, Dec 4th

Treated for :

  • Endometriosis
  • Arthritis in Left ring finger knuckle
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Tight shoulders

That evening I felt fine.

Next day, I was quite swollen and itchy on the points I had been stung. I took Apis (homeopathic) whenever I was getting too itchy and it helped.

I felt I had more energy and my brain was less foggy.

The next day, the swelling was already going down and I was much less itchy. My knuckle was feeling 50% better.

A week later I got my period and it was harder than it had been lately. A lot of sever pain (like my uterus was being clawed out from the inside) for about 1 hour. I was in a hot bath with epsom salt and some lavender EO. I only got through it by moaning with the pain. I took 2 Foria suppositories, vaginally about mid way through my pain. I’m sure that helped too, though not as soon as I would have liked.

I stopped thinking about the itch and the treatment until my next treatment two weeks later. I realized my neck and back had been feeling much less stiff and better over all. My knuckle was now 90% better.


Treatment 3 – Friday, December 15

Note – The day prior, I began a liquid diet of lemonade and bone broth.

Treated for:

  • Hip socket I hurt doing yoga 10 days prior (more venom that I’m used to on two points – lighter venom on backside)
  • Neck, back & shoulders (around neck & shoulders)
  • Chronic pain in lower right abdomen (on spot)
  • Brain fog (face & top of head)
  • General treatment ( fingers to toes – lightly)

Felt fine that evening, though hip points were swollen and painful to pressure. Took Apis before bed just for safe measure.

Woke up feeling okay. Swelling has gone down. A little itchy but not too bad. Hip hurt less in the morning.