General Help

I’m naturally an organized person. Creating efficient, functional and easy to use systems is easy and fun for me, but some people tell me they really struggle with this. Basically, if you’re running into a problem more than once, and you’re not able spend the time to resolve it, consult me. I’m a solution specialist!

The following are just a few expamples of things you might be experiencing that I can change for you:

  • You clean up, but your home or office goes right back to being cluttered
  • Don’t have time to micro-manage employees? Let’s make some procedural documents
  • You loose things . . . important things
  • You needing to start a project but don’t know where to start
  • You have a project started but know how or have time to finish
    • Cleaning out closets or garages
    • Throwing a party
    • Planning a trip
    • Planting a garden
    • Revamping a web site
    • Upgrading from one computer to another
    • Managing your time / Balancing your day or life

This list is all over the place, but that’s life. It doesn’t fit neatly into a cute basket.

I believe everyone should enjoy life.
My goal is to reduce a persons stress.
I develop time saving systems through listening to your issues, considering your current resources and the way your work, brainstorming with you to create a plan, then implementing that plan, testing it and adjusting it.

Branding & Logo Design

If you’re staring a new business or ready to give your current one a face lift, we should talk. Branding is about your company overall. From your employees, to your customers, to your attitudes, to the way the world sees you. A brand doesn’t start with a logo or design, it starts with a feeling, a philosophy, a mission and goals. So be prepared to take some time, look inside yourself and ask yourself some totally worthwhile questions.

Internet Consulting

There is much more to utilizing the internet than having a web site. And most of the time, just having a site isn’t enough. If you’re wanting to utilize the web to increase your sales, Â raise awareness about a cause, fundraise, Â or simply to network, there is a vast sea of options (and that can be overwhelming).

Tell me you’re goals are and I can help you sort through you options and give you sound advice when it comes to web sites, the internet, marketing, usability and design.

Common needs you should consult a professional about (unless you want to be the expert):

  • Domain Names & Servers
  • Web Site Hosting / Email Hosting
  • Email / E-Newsletters / Bulk Email
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Social Networking
  • Blogging

Web Site Development

I design and build web sites. It’s fun. Let me know how I can help.

Graphic Design

Great ideas are so much better when they are beautifully present. Don’t let you good intentions and ideas be over looked or not taken seriously because of poor presentation. I’m all about functional products that look good and get noticed. Here are the more common requests:

Event Promotion

Save time & stress! Let me help you plan your event, outlining all the steps and order they need to happen in and then filling in where you can’t. I get thing done! And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so they get done well too!

  • Setting Dates with Vendors
  • Invitation / Flyer / Poster Design, Printing and Delivery
  • Spreading the word through
    • Email
    • Text Messaging
    • Online Social Networking
    • Good ‘Ole Word of Mouth
  • Set up & Tear Down
  • Last Minute Details