The Problem

Most homes built today

  • use manufactured materials that produce pollution
  • use non-local materials which must be trucked in using fossil fuels
  • are not built with longevity in mind
  • consume non-renewable energy to be heated and cooled
  • disregard the overall well-being of the inhabitants and the ecosystem


I am not speaking to architects who build homes for the wealthy.

I am speaking to ‘builders’ and ‘contractors’ that are building subdivision of hundreds of homes at a time.

A Solution

Build homes and buildings

  • using regional materials – like dirt
  • that will last over 100 years
  • carefully considering the geography and eco-system
  • that produce food
  • that produce more energy than they consume
  • that combine ancient and modern technology for heating and cooling, like passive solar
  • that nurture people and connect them to the land they live on


A building should consume its own waste, maintain itself, match nature’s pace, provide wildlife habitat, moderate climate and weather and be beautiful. That’s a series of pass/fail evaluation criteria. ~ Malcom Wells

Affordable Housing

I desire to see regenerative homes that people can purchase for $20,000.

Homes are constantly built for the upper class with little consideration given to people at the bottom of the socio-economic scale. These people deserve clean water and food and comfortable places to live as well.  I endeavor to work with other like-minds to make this happen.