Observing Mexico from a Bus

Landing in Puerto Vallarta . . .

  • The humidity smacks . . . and soaks
  • A musty dank smell
  • Shuttle vultures attach at the exit of the airport
  • Public bus to Sayulita (a 45 minute ride) only costs $3
  • The bus is old and over the radio is American 80’s soft rock & pop
  • So far, every speaks English!
  • Looks a lot like America, only in the tropics: Home Depot, American cars, advertising everywhere, Starbucks, industrial farming, PetCo
  • A man stands at the traffic light of a 5-lane expressway selling cold drinks. He’s got two coolers in the median
  • Things are rusty and overgrown
  • Slightly more colorful yet rundown
  • Buildings are clearly not built as well
  • Lumpy and unattractive, 15 ft tall statue of Marilyn Monroe with her dress blowing up
  • People riding casually in the back of pickup trucks
  • Very bumpy roads
  • Lots of people on foot
  • Mess of electrical lines
  • Lots of custom truck beds and camper things
  • Villa Amor was very cool – check out the brick ceiling