Another Modest Proposal

Another Modest Proposal

Let’s have a ‘Civil Separation’. Not a War, but a splitting.

It seems as though there are two majorities of people in this country whom are deeply divided on some fundamental issues.

There are those whom are deeply ‘religious’, are not tolerant of other religions, gays, or masturbating. And those that are accepting of gays, whatever religious beliefs you want to have, don’t think it’s anyone’s business what you do in your own home, . . . oh, and black people. I’m sure there are some people in the middle of these two sets as well.


So, instead of arguing about, being heartbroken or angry of the direction our government / country is going in, why don’t we just separate. Split the country up.


We are facing such major fundamental differences of conviction, 1) that all humans are humans and should get to live as they wish as long as they aren’t hurting others, and 2) only some of us are humans worthy of a decent and happy life being ourselves.


These things seem irrevocable. We will not find a middle ground here that we are all even okay with. So let’s separate.


We will put it to a national vote to see where these two different attitudes lie and where the inbetweeners live. Once we have a good cross-section of participants, we will simply divide the United States up along the most appropriate state lines or rivers in the 3 sections (the third for those who can’t quite buy completely into one side or the other).


Sure, it’s going to be inconvenient for people on both sides to uproot their families and move, but then we can end the debate and really actually love are neighbors because we know they share our fundamental values.


This separation will not just be of the land but also of government. We can take what we like from our constitution; redefine how we spend our tax dollars; create a true democracy and get out from under the weight of this broken republic. We should also create a simple and easy process for people (mostly children whom have grown) to move from one side to the other.