People come to me often, wanting a logo. But I can’t, in good conscience give them that without going through the whole process of determining who they are . . . what their brand is.  Developing brands and designing logos are key to the rest of a business’s marketing and design falling into place. And I love it – branding and logo development. I’ve studied it for over a decade and had the privilege to be the brand developer for several companies as well as design many logos for clients.

I may not always practice graphic design, but I hope I never plan to stop helping a person or company find their voice, image, style and soul. It can be a difficult process. I’ve created dozens of questions I want answered before I can begin visioning anything. I’m too thorough for someone to simply tell me their company name and what they sell. I want a rich story to work from.

I have developed a packet of questions I give to those seeking a new brand or logo. I will provide it upon request if you’re interested.