The Black Snake & Man

The Black Snake was born of a gross accumulation of wealth and is a direct result of free-market capitalism.

Assuming that money is the root of all evil, the black snake is the manifestation of that evil – with total lack of rectitude or regard for human rights, earth rights, . . . total disregard for life.

The current situation (of a militarized police force protecting Big Oil and Big Money and using violence against peaceful Culture, Earth and Water protectors outside the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation) is obviously backwards and unjust. Some would say they are not surprised that the US government is on the side of Big Money, Power and Wealth. What is really frightening though, is that the government is so blatant about it. That is is clear they are not protecting the people whom they are there to serve and who foot the bill.

The Black Snake is not new and was not born of Standing Rock.

This hunger for money and insatiable appetite for more has been around for eons.  It was born from the inherent power which comes from the accumulation of wealth via the exploitation and disregard of human life and resources.

The spirit of this greedy snake has always existed, lying dormant in the hearts of men. Rearing it’s hungry head through the ages when conditions were permissible. Shrinking back to a minority with the fall of empires.

The Spanish brought the snakes with them when they colonized the Americas.

Around the turn of the 20th century those snakes began to grow. The industrial revolution brought with it a ripe feeding ground of new lands to exploit and the accumulation and consolidation of wealth. It’s been growing in our government and our culture for a long time, is quite large and is profoundly powerful at this point.

It’s had it’s threats – stagnant years when taxes and regulations slowed it down. But when the snake ran into obstacles, its caretakers (the .01%) insidiously and diligently endeavored to get around them.

One one hand, these people (the caretakers of the snake) are so fooled by this snake that they are blind to the irrational & counter-productive choices they are making. Or, on the other hand they are plain mad and therefore should be striped of significant wealth in order to curtail their irresponsible power which acts with impunity.

The Black Snake will never completely die. It will always linger in the hearts of men.

Standing Rock has illuminated how influenced our government is with Corporate America and Big Money.

Some of us knew this was the case. However, the current situation is making it glaringly and grossly clear where  human life stands on the governments agenda (the government we fund).

Standing Rock has helped us recognize

– the Black Snake and what is at its core;

– that We The People are the only ones looking out for our own best interests;

– that we need to peel our government out from under the .01%;

– that we can not let this capitalist market run free and that we may need a different system entirely;

– that this is a snake, and we can starve it by pulling our money of it’s institutions and boycott those companies wreaking havoc on the Earth;

– that we must be vigilant if we give a shit about our children.

We must turn our heads from the TV, computer and phone. We must look a the world around us, and stand in awe of its beauty and magic; and then realize that this . . . the Earth, Life, Water . . . is invaluable and irreplaceable.

No water, no life. Children don’t have to be told this it’s so basic.

Water is Life.